What About Us the musical

Peace over war

What About Us is an original musical project that can positively impact society, promote peace over war and challenge societal issues as global warming and climate change, the accelerating challenges to the environment and the hardships too many disadvantaged people face daily.

The musical

Speak up for a change

The musical is a platform for the younger generation to speak up for change while demonstrating how they can overcome prejudices and hate, with the capacity to work and socialise with other young people from opposing cultures and religious backgrounds; providing an opportunity to challenge the status quo at this decisive moment in human history.


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What About Us is a live stage musical that is being created and performed by talented young artists, including those whose countries may have been affected by war and terror such as Israel, Palestine and Ireland.

What About Us is more than a musical, it is a movement

This movement is giving a voice to young people to speak up for our planet and human rights while showcasing their talent on the world stage. 

Join Us, speak up for the world, share with us what you would like to change in the world & use the #whataboutustm

The project

What People Say
about the project

"What About Us is an epic protest musical that embraces East and West, crosses sensitive borders and brings the hope of peace through incredible music and dance . It’s a musical for our times ."
Anna Cynthia
Dess Cullen
“The musicians behind this musical are what inspire me. They are incredible people with such diverse backgrounds giving freely of their time and talents. All United in a common cause to bring people together through music and shine a light on some key issues facing us in the world.”
Des Cullen
What About Us is a project that leads by example. It brings together artists from opposing sides in conflict zones to show that it is possible to forget our differences. At the same time, it is a call to action for people to start caring more about each other and about the world. The world doesn't belong to us, we only have it on loan during our lifetime, and as tenants we should care for it and pass it on to the next generation in good shape. That next generation is asking "What About Us?"
Shoshi Israeli